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Pasties Not Included

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Hot off the press the Brighton maestro Hutch brings you these beauties. Prints of  this little lady entitled Hutch Card, have just gone live on his website today. They’re bound to go soon but TB&TC will have some in reserve. We will also be selling two unique A0 size colourways on plywood. All we can say is whoever buys those are going to need high ceilings! Hutch reckons this is his best work to date and we’re inclined to agree. The man himself will also be painting live on 8-9 May, so, if like an urban fox, you want to catch a rare glimpse of him you’ll have to be in Brighton. To see the uncensored version click HERE.

SNUB 23 On Show

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Many of you may have noticed that the site has had a face lift recently and the poster is now online. Well, we owe a massive thanks to the rediculously prolific SNUB 23 for all his design and hard work. We think it gets the message across and can’t wait for proceedings to begin. It is only fair to mention that SNUB has a show entitled I HATE PEOPLE – New works & Reworks at two venues over the next two months. Thursday April 1st – Friday April 3Oth The Print Room 24 Station Street, Lewes, BN7 2DB MAP Saturday May 1st – Monday May 31st  Blow Up 50 Grand Parade, Brighton, BN2 9QA MAP featuring the original cover artwork used on the latest issue of VIVA LEWES. As well as being able to pick up his work at Blow Up, you’ll also be able to buy exclusive artwork from SNUB 23 from our shop in My Hotel during the TB&TC weekend.

Don and Trans 1

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

This amazing piece from the legends that are Don and Trans 1 was posted on Vandalog just a few days ago. Trans featured in a recent film we posted to promote this year’s event but both will be getting up in Brighton over the TB&TC weekend. We’re not sure what they have planned for you yet but whatever it is, this proves it’s going to be fresh!

The Beautiful and the Canned 2010

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

The time has come, the word is out. Don’t miss it!

TB&TC – Raising Awareness For Shelter

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

                                             Registered charity number 263710

We interrupt our usual transmissions to bring you some important information about TB&TC’s charity this year…

Shelter, the national housing and homelessness charity, was founded in 1966 and have lobbied and pressured government into making some key changes to policy and legislation for more than four decades now. Today there is a seemingly unbridgeable gulf between the housing haves and have-nots. Housing is now the key factor determining a person’s health, well-being and prospects in life. Because of Right to Buy and a lack of new building, 1.8 million households in England are languishing on council housing waiting lists, and thousands of families are homeless, trapped in temporary accommodation. Over 45,000 calls were answered by Shelter’s free housing helpline and its Get Advice web pages received more than a million visits. With help from supporters, Shelter continue to reach out to thousands of people in housing need.

With everything that has happened in the global economy over the last two years, this charity and its work is more pertinent than ever. TB&TC are proud to be associated with this organisation and happy to be raising awareness of their hard work. Maybe there is an irony in using street art to help raise the profile of a charity aiming to keep a roof over people’s heads. We hope you feel as strongly as we do and can support Shelter through TB&TC.

Give The Dog a Bone

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Brighton-based artist and TB&TC conscript Funky Red Dog, has been busy over the weekend strategically placing his paste ups in telephone booths across the city. Entitled Dog & Bone Box, we’re guessing these latest works confused dog walkers and their four-legged friends alike. He’ll be doing his business at the event and his work, like this self portrait, will be on sale over the weekend of 8-9 May. But for all those who can’t wait that long then visit his site HERE.

…and ACTION!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Our good friends at Snowstorm Media kept the cameras rolling at last year’s event and produced this short as a teaser to what you can expect from this year’s TB&TC. We’d like to thank Tim Day for continuously filming while steadily getting high on paint fumes and producing the video. Thanks also to the multi-talented Req, for allowing us to use his music – he does a bit of painting as well you know – and to Brighton-based Skint Records for giving us their permission to use the track. And respect to all the artists on the film, especially the mighty Trans 1, and all the artists who aren’t. There is more to come!

Or view it on YouTube HERE.

Can You See What It Is Yet?

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

We caught up with some TB&TC artists on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Black Rock by Brighton Marina getting up on the first day of spring. Big shouts to the relentless machine that is SNUB 23, Vodker the typographer, the First Lady of the Brighton graffiti scene Mishfit, the mad scientist Sinna 1 and the whole Grafik Warfare crew. The whole GW outfit will be rocking Brighton over the weekend of 8-9 May. To view the finished production click HERE.

Agent Provocateur Back for Another Year

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

In his own words, “Agent Provocateur likes cutting holes in pieces of paper with his trusty rusty scalpel, collecting unwanted chunks of wood and card from skips, and canvases from sales… all in the aid of stencil art.”

“Cynical, bored, angry and lazy, AP feels the need to comment on his distorted and irreverent vision of the world, forcing his opinions on an unsuspecting (and invariably uncaring) public.”

Well, we wouldn’t know anything about most of that but agree with the ‘distorted and irreverent vision’ part. Instantly recognisable, Royal Flush from last year proves the point!

Picture Perfect

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Who needs Roy Lichtenstein when you have the man BLAM? TB&TC are lining up sites in the centre of town with a mix of great artists from stencillers to photoreal graffiti artists to paint them live. BLAM is just one of them and we thought we’d leave it to the man himself to do the introductions. Take a look at this video of him painting Upper Playground in London. More of the same but bigger over the weekend of 8-9 May.