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Foundry and Wet Paint make The Argus

Monday, August 16th, 2010

A couple of posts ago we showed you the pictures of Foundry’s work on the side of a jewelers called Studio Crafts in Peacehaven. Well we weren’t the only ones impressed. The Brighton Argus also took an interest and like buses, two articles come along at once! Foundry got in the picture but didn’t get a mention so we’re doing it for him. And he also wanted people to know that when the picture was taken the piece wasn’t finished! Skip back a couple of posts to see the completed works. We’d like to thank Phil Blackwell for the call and get in touch if you need Wet Paint Productions to organise something like this for your premises.

“Graffiti can be artistic…”

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Brighton graffiti and street art got some well deserved recognition in the way of a centre double page spread in The Argus, on Saturday 14th. Talking about an art revolution in the city they go on to extoll the benefits of graffiti bettering “unloved or monochrome areas”. The article features images of work by Aroe and Heavy Artillery, Req, Rarekind, Hutch and Banksy (we dispute that) to name a few. And although we don’t get a name check, Wet Paint Productions and the artists we work with are responsible for some of it too. That includes Snub 23 and Sinna who are both quoted in the article. To view it big hit HERE.

Snub 23 Beats The Buff

Friday, August 13th, 2010


This is the latest amazing piece by Snub23 that dominates Trafalgar Lane, Brighton, which already has Flickr alight with praise and fave stars. Wet Paint Productions were asked to organise an artist to paint this wall after a legal piece put up by Leeks during The Beautiful and the Canned weekend was mistakenly buffed by the council. The owner of the property wasn’t too happy when he found out and got onto Brighton & Hove City Council to complain. So after a call requesting our help we thought who better to ask than the Snub Meister himself. We are not alone in loving this new work – which is all freehand – and predict you will see more like this in the future.

Wet Paint Interviewed by Creative Boom

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Wet Paint Productions have been interviewed by Creative Boom, an online magazine and network community that aims to celebrate, inspire and support the creative industries throughout the UK and the rest of the world.  WPP would like thanks Carlos for the questions and of cousre all of the artists who continue to work with us across our creative endeavors! Read the article HERE.

Art Meets Craft

Friday, August 6th, 2010


So, when Wet Paint were contacted by a family run goldsmiths and jewellers in Peacehaven (near Brighton) called Studio Crafts, the conversation went something like this:

“Hi, can you do some graffiti on the side of our shop?”

“Err, yes. What do you want exactly?”

“Well, we’re a jewellers and we want a realistic impression of our workshop on the outside of the shop.”

“Right…we’ll send in Foundry!”

So, after the tedious plumb lines for the perspectives went up and the cans came out, we wanted to share the amazing results with you. A huge thanks to the man Foundry – Mr. Photoreal himself, who was working in some pretty high winds at the time and for his sheer diligence and the expertise he brought to the job. This guy is seriously talented and his work never fails to impress.

So if your driving along the A259 to Brighton, keep your eyes peeled.

For all commissions please contact us on:

Start Them Young – Graffiti Workshops for Kids

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Just call us the saviors of parents. With the summer school holidays in full swing, Wet Paint Productions have introduced graffiti taster workshops for kids from 7 upwards. Instead of sat in front of a TV wearing their thumbs to the bone on games consoles (or whatever it is kids do these days), we are now giving them the chance to experience aerosol art and graffiti techniques under the guidance of respected and talented, local artists. Based at the Open Market in the centre of Brighton, groups of no more than five per session will receive a great introduction to street art in a safe and urban environment. All paint and protective equipment is supplied.

As places and sessions are limited we advise that you book quickly. For more information an bookings contact us at:

So, whether you are a student, street art enthusiast, or have a child who would benefit from a positive way to learn basic creative graffiti skills, we look forward to hearing from you.

compArtment Opens With Live Graffiti

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Brighton graffiti, street art, Snub23, Luke Da Duke, Graffiti, Wet Paint Productions

As part of the launch of compARTment at the open market in Brighton yesterday, Wet Paint Productions were asked to provide some live painting (courtesy of SNUB 23 and Mishfit: finished piece HERE) to a backdrop of musical performances and fat beats and scratch mixing. Having been asked to coordinate artists to rejuvenate the space, a steady stream of writers and street artists have been flowing through there all week transforming what was a tired space into a wall of art. Wet Paint Productions, will be continuing this programme over the next month as well as holding graffiti workshops there – more information to follow soon. Wet Paint, have already begun working with local shop owners and the wider community to revitalise urban spaces, shops and workplaces. For more information contact us on:

SNUB & Mishft at work

SNUB, Luke Da Duke and T.wat

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Snub23, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Productions


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Matt Sewell