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Made in Manchester

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Rocket & Faunagraphic

Faunagraphic detail

Kelzo at work



Faunagraphic & Panda

Long overdue are these amazing pictures (courtesy Ant Clausen) from Wet Paint commissioned artists Kelzo, Faunagraphic, Rocket 1 and Panda hitting up the PaintBox and bringing the Brugal message to Manchester. Set up in the bohemian Northern quarter of the city, the roadshow drew a crowd despite the weather and the writers’ work injected much needed colour on a wet October day. We asked them to think Dominican Republic, sand, surf, sun and rum, and then unleashed them onto a 24ft x 8ft blank ‘canvas’ and unsuspecting public. As soon as we have the short film from the day we’ll post it. In the meantime, you can follow the Brugal blog to find out more about the street art activities Wet Paint are putting on for the campaign and you can follow Brugal on facebook.

Brugal Hits Edinbugh

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Syrkus and Rekor

Lyken Love



So after two days of live painting in Castle Street, Edinburgh, for the launch of Brugal rum, Wet Paint wanted to share the finished pieces from Syrkus and Rekor, Lyken, Conzo and Vues. All the artists pulled it out of the bag on this one and drew a steady but constant stream of interest from passersby. The comments we received were great and justified judging by their work and we think we’ve turned people onto the rum as well. A huge thanks to all the artists and Recoat Gallery in Glasgow for all of their help and vision. As well as Alex el Gato and his Dominican dancers – all will be explained! You can expect more T-pimping in many Edinburgh bars over the next few weeks as part of the on-going campaign. Well update you with times and places as well as pictures from our session at Hawke and Hunter last Saturday, soon.


Forget the dram…embrace the can!

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Anyone who follows WetpaintUK on twitter (and were up early enough) may have noted that we were on our way to the airport at silly o’clock this morning. The reason: The launch of Brugal rum in Edinburgh and Manchester. Two destinations, two great cities and nine amazing artists all in one weekend. First up, Edinburgh. If you live in the city and passed the castle today you would have noticed Syrkus, Rekor, Lyken, Conzo and Vues’ take on the Caribbean’s favourite rum as they went to work on the PaintBox in Castle Street. The weather held, the work went up and we may have even converted a few whisky drinkers to boot. These are just a few shots from today’s activities from live graff to T-shirt pimping at the Candy Bar. Tomorrow we’ll post the complete pieces before we hit Hawke and Hunter for live painting and more tee pimping for the discerning punter. See you there. Salud!

Paint the Night

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


Sometimes posts can be like buses, you wait for ages for one then several come along at once. Well, that’s pretty much how things are at Wet Paint at the moment so excuse the deluge. This latest is a piece from Brighton’s Argus last Saturday showing Req at work on a light column for the White Night festival. Plans are definitely afoot and if you’re anywhere near Brighton on 30th October we strongly recommend you come along. It’s going to be a great night across the city. Joining Req at inCANdescent will be local artists Pinky, Hutch, Snub 23, Mishfit and Imbue.

Tailor Made

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Hutch ties

Funky Red Dog ties

Wet Paint are really excited to be working with Brighton and London-based bespoke tailor Gresham Blake. We’ve been keeping this one under our fedoras for a while now but can exclusively reveal a sneak preview of the tie swatches designed by Hutch and Funky Red Dog which will be sold in limited edition colour ways. Gresham Blake is one of those designers that comes along once in a generation and has a client list of stars as long as a gorilla’s arm – including Jimmy Page, Norman Cook, Nick Cave, Steve Coogan and Christian Slater. To date he has produced clothing incorporating designs by Banksy, James Cauty, Tracey Emin and David Samual (Rarekind) to name a few. Specialising in Savile Row inspired tailoring with a rock star twist, Gresham Blake epitomises classic British tailoring with a playful, subversive edge and now we have introduced him to two of Brighton’s finest stencil artists. You can expect more designs and a wider range of street art inspired clothing to follow soon. These designs and all of Gresham’s clobber can be bought from his shop in Brighton, London or website.


Pimpin’ Aint Easy…

Monday, October 11th, 2010


It’s that time again! Crack open the Brugal rum and grab your tees ’cause the Wet Paint T-shirt pimps are back! This time it was the turn of Manchester’s Faunagraphic (pictured on her way up to Scotland last Friday) to get the bottle rolling in Edinburgh before this weekend’s Brugal launch in Auld Reekie. Fauna rocked the Candy Bar in George Street and all of you wanting to see live graffiti and street art should be in Castle Street this Friday and Saturday (15th & 16th October) to see Scotland’s finest in action. We’ll update you on all of this weekend’s action tomorrow!

The End of Days

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

As part of the preparations for the forthcoming White Night festival on the night of 30th October across Brighton, Wet Paint Productions helped to arrange a press photo shoot to promote the event. Wet Paint’s audacious event called inCANdescent – in conjunction with Art Republic, Ink_d and Snowstorm Media among others –  is designed to paint the festival with light before the clocks officially go  back, has won the center piece commission for the entire festival. Wet Paint  have a few tricks up our sleeves and to start the ball rolling is our man Req giving you a heads up on what festival-goers can expect from a live painting perspective. With a whole programme from  street dance to L.A.S.E.R. Tagging coming your way, Wet Paint will make sure you’re hanging around central Brighton from 6PM on 30th October to experience the funk! Watch this space for film preview too. In the meantime, you can grab more information on the festival HERE.