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Bringing It Home

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The Crew…




The Art




At Wet Paint we’re feeling pretty smug right now. Having completed four cities for the Brugal Rum campaign, we are winding down for the year but not before we iced the cake. This weekend saw us at Covent Garden with Don, Jeba and Ventza painting live and T-pimping in Navajo Joe and Roadhouse (where Snub 23 put up a specially commissioned piece) . Any one with a handle on the history of UK graffiti will know that Covent Garden was a mecca for the scene in the early 80’s, providing the writers’ bench where many of the old school heads met up until 87 or so. The hoardings that used to surround the Royal Opera House carried some of the earliest burners this country saw from legends like Artful Dodger, Bando, Mode 2 and Scribla (the Trail Blazers), Pride and Zacki Dee, who went on to form legendary writing crew The Chrome Angelz. We are still amazed that Westminster Council let us get away with it and they have told us in no uncertain terms that it will not be happening again. So, although this wasn’t Freestyle 85, Wet Paint Productions have provided a book end to the saga. As ever, we need to thank the artists for getting up in the arctic conditions. Massive respect to Don (who plays host to another legend – Duster – this weekend), Ventza and Jeba. Despite the cold you brought the fire! For more photos hit HERE.

Brighton – Brugal Part 2

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

More corporate than then the first, here’s the second installment of the Brighton Brugal rum campaign, Wet Paint delivered back in the summer. This one features our man ‘Rum & Juice’ Jeba, Req, The Osh and of course, the Dada, Don. T-pimping is Snub 23, Foundry and Sinna. This is a precursor to the latest shorts we’ll post in the next few days from Edinburgh and Manchester, before we hit Covent Garden at the end of the month.

Brugal – Brighton Part 1

Friday, November 5th, 2010


As the Brugal campaign is starting to wind up for the year, Wet Paint thought we’d share some of the videos that have been produced to support the push. This is the first of two from the Brighton launch back in June. As the winter months are now on us, this will leave you pining for sunnier climbs and rum instead of log fires and brandy! We’ll post the second Brighton installment in the next couple of days followed by the Manchester and Edinburgh videos. Then it’s on to London.

The Writing’s on the Wall

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

An integral part of Wet Paint Productions’ inCANdescent event as part of Brighton’s amazing White Night festivities, was the Lumacoustics YrWall – a digital graffiti innovation that allowed the general public to try their hand at ‘graffiti’ and test their creative talents. You may have even seen it on this season’s Dragon’s Den. Kicking off with Req, here are some of the cleaner renditions from the night (some simply wouldn’t make the watershed). Over the course of the event, hundreds of people swamped the screen and participated. WPP would like to thank Tim Williams and the entire Lumacaustics team for their help and professionalism throughout. This nifty bit of kit can be hired for functions and corporate promotions. We can’t recommend it highly enough. Get in touch HERE.

Wet Paint Light the Night

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

As promised, we give you yet more photos from the WET PAINT PRODUCTIONS’ inCANdescent showcase as part of Brighton’s White Night festival. Positive that we have delivered a first, our event rocked the city as it has never been seen before. Wet Paint’s unique concept not only caught the imagination of the council but all of the thousands of people who attended our ‘light graffiti spectacular’ in Jubilee Square as part of the this city-wide event. It’s important to remember though, that without the amazing talents of the artists and a dedicated team, events like this can’t be realised. So, with that in mind, we need to thank the people that made it happen: First shout goes out to our main man Russell, who worked tirelessly to see the project through (you know who are playa!), and to all the artists for  their work and vision. Thank you and we look forward to buying you a stiff drink at the WPP Xmas party: Fay MacDonald, of Diosa Media, who is a visionary who never lets us down and underpinned the White Night/Wet Paint concept. WPP also  need thank Snowstorm and the crew, Andy cummins for being a legend, Giles Smith for his doubtless hard work and help and my sister who is in hospital but wishing the best for us (please, get well soon soon).

inCANdescent at White Night

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Lumacoustic’s Digital Wall





At Wet Paint Productions, we have just about recovered from our latest event, inCANdescent – the centrepiece to Brighton’s 2010 White Night festival. Themed on illumination, the city plays host to amazing installations that light the streets of our fair, funky city which entices shops, galleries, municipal buildings and people to stay up late. Commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council, with support from art republic and Ink_d gallery, Wet Paint’s idea to illuminate columns in Jubilee Square and have some of Brighton’s best graffiti and street artists paint them using transparent paint went down a storm. Thousands of people turned up to watch the event which started with a dance routine from local street dancers Same Sky, followed by live painting from Mishfit, Req, Pinky, Hutch and Imbue. Lumacoustics (as seen on Dragon’s Den) were also on hand with their digital graffiti wall for the public to create their own art, while local film and documentary makers Snowstorm Media rolled out especially commissioned street art films projected on to Myhotel, throughout the night. Being Brighton, the afternoon had started with a Zombie Walk and the whole city was alive with the walking dead which made for a surreal but amazing vibe. We’ll post some more pictures soon if you can’t wait that long hit HERE for more!