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Channel 4’s Street Summer Midlands’ Design

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Last, but by no means least, of the films covering the cities Wet Paint Productions covered for Channel 4’s Street Summer season is Birmingham. This was a weird one as Lucy, the winning entrant, was unable to take part as she was busy bouncing around Europe and couldn’t make it back in time so it was left to mentor Ventsa of Four Pence Collective to recreate her design as he explains here. On this film Ventsa also touches upon the graffiti versus street art argument and what is art and what is vandalism? A subject which Graffiti Wars – a film commissioned as part of the Street Summer season about the fued between King Robbo and Banksy – tried to tackle. Ironically this competition sparked similar arguments that played out across several forums, chat rooms and websites. Massive thanks to Ventsa and all of the artists for their help and support on this project. For more information on Street Summer and it’s offerings hit HERE.

Street Summer Hots Up

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Channel 4’s Street Summer – “a season of programmes celebrating contemporary urban art forms” – is fast approaching and so are the Wet Paint commissions across the cities of Brighton, Manchester and the UK’s second capital, Birmingham. Next week will see the winning entries go up with the help of Req, Faunagraphic and Ventsa respectively. To view all the regional winning entries go to the Don’t Panic website HERE and anyone wanting to follow Street Summer on Facebook should hit this link:  The season will include films on spoken word and rap, street dance, a Hip Hop documentary called How Hip Hop Changed the World, as well as what looks to be an amazing film by viral film-makers and Mike Christie, the director of extreme sport documentary Jump London, called Concrete Circus which brings together the world’s hottest names in the urban sports scene. The season will also screen the television premiere of Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop. More intriguing though is Graffiti Wars – a film given over to the on-going and very public feud between (Team) Robbo and Banksy as well as graffiti writers and ‘street artists’ in general. Ironically, the street art competition has sparked it’s own controversy within the scene. But that’s another story for another day…

All Tied Up

Friday, May 6th, 2011


A little while back Wet Paint Productions got the opportunity to collaborate with the very talented bespoke Brighton and London – based designer Gresham Blake. Not only does he have a client list that reads like Who’s Who (Nick Cave to Ray Winstone) but in the past he has also worked with other artists such as Banksy, James Cauty and David Samuel to create street-inspired clothing. This time around Wet Paint hooked him up with stencil artists Hutch and Funky Red Dog to produce these amazing ties. We think there are still some left although we have a sneaking suspicion that the Hutch range may have sold out. If you want to add a little street funk to your working day then we advise you to be quick about it. For more on Gresham Blake’s range visit his website HERE but first watch this great film shot and produced by Steve Glazier for Plastic Pictures.



“Graffiti can be artistic…”

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Brighton graffiti and street art got some well deserved recognition in the way of a centre double page spread in The Argus, on Saturday 14th. Talking about an art revolution in the city they go on to extoll the benefits of graffiti bettering “unloved or monochrome areas”. The article features images of work by Aroe and Heavy Artillery, Req, Rarekind, Hutch and Banksy (we dispute that) to name a few. And although we don’t get a name check, Wet Paint Productions and the artists we work with are responsible for some of it too. That includes Snub 23 and Sinna who are both quoted in the article. To view it big hit HERE.

Hang Them High

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

TB&TC artist T.WAT’s latest work has caught the attention of the national newspapers over the last few days during the countdown to the general election. The latest red top to feature his work is The Daily Star. We know this comes from the heart and despite the Banksy references, T.WAT’s art always projects his beliefs and that sets him aside from other artists’ work. You can see him getting up live over the TB&TC weekend of 8/9 May, by which time the outcome will be determined. So make sure you’re there to see him, Hutch, Hop Louie, Leeks, Stickee and Agent Provocateur get up in Gloucester Road, Brighton. And who knows, by then Brighton may even have the first ever elected Green MP.