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Painting Paris in the Spring

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Colours, colours, colours!

Up in the air

Storm clouds on the horizon

(L to R) Foundry & Mr.Shiz

Intermat Exhibition’s official newspaper – WPP, Foundry & Mr.Shiz on the cover

The last seven days have had Wet Paint Productions in Paris working at an international construction event that attracts more than 125,000 visitors from around the world. Our client, the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) who are the leading force in aerial access (cherry picker) safety, firstly trained the artists – Foundry and Mr.Shiz – to use the machines before asking us to paint two 7m x 4m canvases. Our brief was to make the machines look heroic and slowly progress the images over the course of the week. What could be more fun than painting in Paris in spring? Well, that was before we saw the weather forecast for the week. Huge respect to both Foundry and Shiz who were working 6 metres up and had to contend with fierce rain, hail and up to 19 mph winds. It was a tour de force of patience and a masterclass in can control. Competing for visitors’ attention and pitched against global manufacturers with massive marketing budgets, Foundry and Mr. Shiz got the front cover of the official show magazine. Images of the completed work up soon!

TB&TC To Get a Facelift

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

This year at TB&TC we have some big walls that ladders just aren’t going to reach! So expect to see some of the artists working at height. Some will be on scaffold and towers and one wall in particular is going to need something entirely different!  So, with more than 60 different types of specialized equipment, enter our good friends Facelift. In their 25th year, Facelift are one of the premier powered access platform and cherry picker hire specialists in the UK and they have very kindly donated us some equipment to get the job done. If that wasn’t enough they are also going to train two of the TB&TC artists to use the equipment safely at their Hickstead  HQ Training Centre and give them official IPAF accreditation. Facelift are not only known for their extensive range of equipment, customer service and safety training record but for their all round excellence. We would like to take this opportunity to thank  Managing Director Gordon Leicester  for his huge generosity and help.