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Linked Up Again

Thursday, August 18th, 2011


Last weekend marked another Wet Paint Aerosol Workshop for the kids of Brighton and Hove’s parent-run group the Link-Up Project. As we have posted before, this amazing group offers support and social activities for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Once again the incredible Snub 23 put them through their paces – teaching them can control and compostition – all overseen by our very own Projects & Community Manager Charlie Allsebrook. Despite most of the kids being new to spraypaint their efforts really impressed us and they all left with a finished canvas as a memento of the day. Above all the other projects Wet Paint get involved with this is probably one of the most rewarding, especially as the kids enjoy it so much.  But don’t take our word for it. This is what Julie Sissions of the Link-Up Project had to say: “The children all loved the workshop. It was good that the session was inclusive of all age groups and it was fantastic to see an 8 year-old as engrossed as a 17 year-old working alongside together. The artist was informative and worked well with the young people, sharing his skills and passing on confidence to those who normally find art at school difficult. We will be booking [Wet Paint Productions] again for sure.” To find out more or to book workshops contact us at:   


Link Up Graffiti

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Last Sunday saw another Wet Paint productions’ Graffiti Workshop and this time we were working with some budding young artists from the Link-Up Project .  The Brighton and Hove parent-run group  provide support and a social network for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and their parents. As part of their activities and outings they included an aerosol art afternoon schooled by Snub 23 (powered by Kobra Paint) who introduced the kids to the art of the craft. The kids loved it so much we have a sneaking suspicion they will be coming back for more. We’d like to thank all the members of Link-Up as they were great and a pleasure to work with. Especially Tom who at 15 years-old had this to say: “I feel this workshop has really enriched my knowledge of graffiti, character construction and building on a canvas.  I think we have all learnt new skills with spray paint and I’d definitely love to do it again in the near future.  All participants have really enjoyed themselves and found a way of expressing their individual artistic side with brilliant outcomes.” And of course a huge thanks to Snub 23 for being inspirational and to Wet Paint’s Community & Projects Manager Charlie Allsebrook for heading up this and all of our workshops and community work. To find out more about The Link-Up Project click the highlighted link and to enquire about Wet Paint’s workshop and community related work contact Charlie Allsebrook:

The End of Days

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

As part of the preparations for the forthcoming White Night festival on the night of 30th October across Brighton, Wet Paint Productions helped to arrange a press photo shoot to promote the event. Wet Paint’s audacious event called inCANdescent – in conjunction with Art Republic, Ink_d and Snowstorm Media among others –  is designed to paint the festival with light before the clocks officially go  back, has won the center piece commission for the entire festival. Wet Paint  have a few tricks up our sleeves and to start the ball rolling is our man Req giving you a heads up on what festival-goers can expect from a live painting perspective. With a whole programme from  street dance to L.A.S.E.R. Tagging coming your way, Wet Paint will make sure you’re hanging around central Brighton from 6PM on 30th October to experience the funk! Watch this space for film preview too. In the meantime, you can grab more information on the festival HERE.

Festival Fringe Begins

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Yesterday was the first day of Brighton Festival Fringe which has taken over the city and will last throughout May. The first day of the month also saw a few TB&TC artists doing their own things. This included Sinna painting live at Madame Geisha, Hutch painting the outside of Residence – Brighton’s first pop-up restaurant in Whitecross Street – as well as Funky Red Dog and T.WAT’s open house Vehicle Testing Station, 20 Cambridge Grove (venue 13 on the Hove Arts Trail). More from all three of them next weekend.

Praise Be!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

After a week of flight failures bookended by a Gumball Ralley drive to Munich and back, we’re pleased to announce that TB&TC have returned to Brighton.  Before we left, Friday 14th saw us present to the Brighton & Hove Business Lunch Club organized  and hosted by Tim Cobb of Cobb PR, who we owe a huge thanks to. Given the charity lunch time spot,  we presented to Brighton businesses the value of street art and the benefit TB&TC is offering our charity of choice, Shelter. Hutch gave a masterclass in stenciling, painting before the group and then offered this piece up for auction. TB&TC would like to thank all the companies present for their contributions and raising a total of £575 for Shelter. Our thanks goes out to Hutch and also to the winner  who then presented  the artwork up for sale again to raise extra funds for our charity. So this piece entitled Jesus Bomber is up for grabs to the first buyer over 8/9 May.