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Manchester’s Street Summer Entry Goes Up

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Manchester’s winning entry for Channel 4’s Street Summer season went up at the start of the month. Designed by local writer Theodore and mentored by Sheffield’s own Faunagraphic, the piece draws inspiration from an unlikely source. In this film, Theodore explains that his design is based on a painting by the Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha no less. Watch the film for an explaination and look out for Fauna’s expression – it’s priceless. Wet Paint would like to thank Faunagraphic and all of the artists we worked with during this project. And to view all of the regional winners and their films skip to the Don’t Panic website HERE.

Bringing It Home

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The Crew…




The Art




At Wet Paint we’re feeling pretty smug right now. Having completed four cities for the Brugal Rum campaign, we are winding down for the year but not before we iced the cake. This weekend saw us at Covent Garden with Don, Jeba and Ventza painting live and T-pimping in Navajo Joe and Roadhouse (where Snub 23 put up a specially commissioned piece) . Any one with a handle on the history of UK graffiti will know that Covent Garden was a mecca for the scene in the early 80’s, providing the writers’ bench where many of the old school heads met up until 87 or so. The hoardings that used to surround the Royal Opera House carried some of the earliest burners this country saw from legends like Artful Dodger, Bando, Mode 2 and Scribla (the Trail Blazers), Pride and Zacki Dee, who went on to form legendary writing crew The Chrome Angelz. We are still amazed that Westminster Council let us get away with it and they have told us in no uncertain terms that it will not be happening again. So, although this wasn’t Freestyle 85, Wet Paint Productions have provided a book end to the saga. As ever, we need to thank the artists for getting up in the arctic conditions. Massive respect to Don (who plays host to another legend – Duster – this weekend), Ventza and Jeba. Despite the cold you brought the fire! For more photos hit HERE.

Brugal Hits Edinbugh

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Syrkus and Rekor

Lyken Love



So after two days of live painting in Castle Street, Edinburgh, for the launch of Brugal rum, Wet Paint wanted to share the finished pieces from Syrkus and Rekor, Lyken, Conzo and Vues. All the artists pulled it out of the bag on this one and drew a steady but constant stream of interest from passersby. The comments we received were great and justified judging by their work and we think we’ve turned people onto the rum as well. A huge thanks to all the artists and Recoat Gallery in Glasgow for all of their help and vision. As well as Alex el Gato and his Dominican dancers – all will be explained! You can expect more T-pimping in many Edinburgh bars over the next few weeks as part of the on-going campaign. Well update you with times and places as well as pictures from our session at Hawke and Hunter last Saturday, soon.


Forget the dram…embrace the can!

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Anyone who follows WetpaintUK on twitter (and were up early enough) may have noted that we were on our way to the airport at silly o’clock this morning. The reason: The launch of Brugal rum in Edinburgh and Manchester. Two destinations, two great cities and nine amazing artists all in one weekend. First up, Edinburgh. If you live in the city and passed the castle today you would have noticed Syrkus, Rekor, Lyken, Conzo and Vues’ take on the Caribbean’s favourite rum as they went to work on the PaintBox in Castle Street. The weather held, the work went up and we may have even converted a few whisky drinkers to boot. These are just a few shots from today’s activities from live graff to T-shirt pimping at the Candy Bar. Tomorrow we’ll post the complete pieces before we hit Hawke and Hunter for live painting and more tee pimping for the discerning punter. See you there. Salud!

compArtment Opens With Live Graffiti

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Brighton graffiti, street art, Snub23, Luke Da Duke, Graffiti, Wet Paint Productions

As part of the launch of compARTment at the open market in Brighton yesterday, Wet Paint Productions were asked to provide some live painting (courtesy of SNUB 23 and Mishfit: finished piece HERE) to a backdrop of musical performances and fat beats and scratch mixing. Having been asked to coordinate artists to rejuvenate the space, a steady stream of writers and street artists have been flowing through there all week transforming what was a tired space into a wall of art. Wet Paint Productions, will be continuing this programme over the next month as well as holding graffiti workshops there – more information to follow soon. Wet Paint, have already begun working with local shop owners and the wider community to revitalise urban spaces, shops and workplaces. For more information contact us on:

SNUB & Mishft at work

SNUB, Luke Da Duke and T.wat

T.WAT, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Prodcutions


Snub23, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Productions


Foundry, Brighton Graffiti, photoreal, Street art, Wet Paint Productions


Vodker, Brighton Graffiti, Street Art, Wet Paint Productions, urban art


Matt Sewell, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Productions

Matt Sewell

Wet Paint, Graffiti, Sun & Brugal Rum – The Perfect Mix!

Friday, June 4th, 2010

A month of Brugal Brighton kicked off yesterday with Don, Foundry, Pinky and Mishfit (respectively) getting up on the Paint Box in Jubilee Square. The artists and onlookers could have been in the Caribbean as the temperatures soared into the high seventies yesterday with great weather and art guaranteed again for today. These shots are of the work in progress and each mural depicting the essence of rum and the Dominican Republic will be finished today. Wet Paint Productions will upload the finished pieces later and announce more news of planned in-bar promotions involving artists pimping tee-shirts and more live painting dates to come in June. You can see more photos HERE.

Brugal Street Art Campaign Begins!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

If you are anywhere near Brighton today we strongly advise you to get yourselves along to Jubilee Square. To kick off the Brugal campaign Wet Paint Productions have set up the Paint Box again – a 24ft x 8ft squared installation – for some artists to go to work on. These include Brighton’s own Pinky, Mishfit and Foundry. Don will also be there recreating this incredibly detailed piece which will feature as part of the poster campaign and can be seen at bus stops around the city from next week on. Live painting will continue tomorrow and we’ll post some images before the day is out.

Wet Paint helps launch Brugal rum in UK

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Just when you thought is was all over, Wet Paint Productions are back and this time working with London – based agency Billington Cartmel to promote Brugal rum in a month-long street art campaign across Brighton. Originating from the Dominican Republic, the ethos behind Brugal is passion and vitality for life centered around sun, sea and dancing, music and nightlife, as well as vibrant street art that can be seen all over the island. The combination of laid-back yet creative culture meant that Brighton was a perfect match for the launch of Brugal in the UK via a street art based campaign. Wet Paint Productions were chosen as the perfect partners to deliver the street up events. Activities for the launch will continue throughout June across the city starting with live painting in Jubilee Square over the next two days – 3/4 June. Come and see Don, Pinky, Mishfit and Foundry painting live and projecting their tropical take on this sugar cane spirit and the spirit it represents. See you there for a taste of the Carribean mixed with some great street art!

Don’t Try This at Home

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Meet Chima. Chima’s a free runner and the subject of the painting in the background called ‘Cheema Cheema, Chima Chima’ by the amazing talent that is Cosmo Sarson. The piece is based on a photo taken during the 1981 Brixton Riots and shows Chima leaping onto police riot-shields. Well, Chima offered his support by coming down to TB&TC and we wanted to share these photos taken by Jon Cartwright with you. The man has skills!

Paint It Black!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Wet Paint Productions, the organisers of TB&TC, earned the name today as we have spent most of it up scaffolding painting Prime Brighton, a great independent clothing shop in Gardner Street in the North Laine, in preparation for Remi/Rough’s arrival. We hope he’s not scared of heights as it a good few feet up as this picture proves. Anyone wanting to see Remi in action should be at this location on the corner of Church Street and Gardner Street from 11 am on Saturday to see a master at work!