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Manchester’s Street Summer Entry Goes Up

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Manchester’s winning entry for Channel 4’s Street Summer season went up at the start of the month. Designed by local writer Theodore and mentored by Sheffield’s own Faunagraphic, the piece draws inspiration from an unlikely source. In this film, Theodore explains that his design is based on a painting by the Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha no less. Watch the film for an explaination and look out for Fauna’s expression – it’s priceless. Wet Paint would like to thank Faunagraphic and all of the artists we worked with during this project. And to view all of the regional winners and their films skip to the Don’t Panic website HERE.

Three Days Left!

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Voting lines for Channel 4’s Street Summer have been kept open for an extra three days and will now close on 20th July. So if you haven’t entered your design or voted for your favourite piece then you had better be quick about it! Follow the link to Don’t Panic’s website: for terms and conditions and on how to enter and you can also watch the online videos from the artists Wet Paint Productions put forward – Req, Ventsa and Faunagraphic. They’ll give you their insight on what they are looking for and will ultimately choose their favourite pieces for each area from the top 10 with the most Likes. So, go to the website now and start voting for your favourites!



Req is Channel 4’s South East Judge

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Street Summer
The last artist but by no means the least Wet Paint Productions put forward as part of Channel 4’s Street Summer competition is Req.
Born in London in 1966 Req is a Brighton-based artist schooled in the New York subway graffiti tradition. His graffiti career started in 1984 in Brighton’s derelict areas but he soon started painting internationally onstage with the Norman Cook band Beats International.

Req’s new work is defined by his attempt to purge the graffiti and graphic influences of his past in favour of a lighter, diffuse impressionism which he calls ‘Spraypaint Realism’. His more recent charcoal and spray paint works on paper provide a quick and more expressive outlet to balance the more intensive ‘Spraypaint Realism’ style.

As we’ve said in the past, if the French impressionist painter Monet used Belton, this is kind of what his work may have looked like.
Req is the judge for the South East and your piece should represent one of the five elements of street culture which the Street Summer season is featuring: street dance, urban sports, spoken word, hip hop and street art. Write, draw, collage, sketch or render your work in any way you like. How you make this work is up to you.
Remember your piece is art but also it needs to work to promote Channel 4’s season. The better your piece looks the more chance you will have of winning but we will accept entries on pen and paper which have been scanned or photographed. Remember the idea is what counts not your computer skills!
Don’t forget that the competition starts on 13th June and for full details on how to enter make sure to follow this link:

Leeks and Fin DAC on Film

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Wet paint productions Findac & Leeks from snowstorm-media on Vimeo.

For your viewing pleasure, this short is part of a longer film that was beamed onto the side of a building as part of Wet Paint Productions’ White Night centre piece ‘inCANdescent‘ in Brighton last October. As we have posted before, the production which celebrates the end of BST and embraces winter, was put on in conjunction with artrepublic, ink_d and our good friends at Snowstorm Media. It was Snowstorm who filmed the original footage at Wet Paint’s event The Beautiful and The Canned (this one from 2009), edited and then projected the film at the White Night festival. The film shows Fin DAC and Leeks going to work in Brighton. Thanks to Snowstorm for the use of the footage and we’ll post more shorts in coming weeks. Stay tuned for news on The Beautiful and The Canned!

Paint the Night

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


Sometimes posts can be like buses, you wait for ages for one then several come along at once. Well, that’s pretty much how things are at Wet Paint at the moment so excuse the deluge. This latest is a piece from Brighton’s Argus last Saturday showing Req at work on a light column for the White Night festival. Plans are definitely afoot and if you’re anywhere near Brighton on 30th October we strongly recommend you come along. It’s going to be a great night across the city. Joining Req at inCANdescent will be local artists Pinky, Hutch, Snub 23, Mishfit and Imbue.

The End of Days

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

As part of the preparations for the forthcoming White Night festival on the night of 30th October across Brighton, Wet Paint Productions helped to arrange a press photo shoot to promote the event. Wet Paint’s audacious event called inCANdescent – in conjunction with Art Republic, Ink_d and Snowstorm Media among others –  is designed to paint the festival with light before the clocks officially go  back, has won the center piece commission for the entire festival. Wet Paint  have a few tricks up our sleeves and to start the ball rolling is our man Req giving you a heads up on what festival-goers can expect from a live painting perspective. With a whole programme from  street dance to L.A.S.E.R. Tagging coming your way, Wet Paint will make sure you’re hanging around central Brighton from 6PM on 30th October to experience the funk! Watch this space for film preview too. In the meantime, you can grab more information on the festival HERE.

Foundry and Wet Paint make The Argus

Monday, August 16th, 2010

A couple of posts ago we showed you the pictures of Foundry’s work on the side of a jewelers called Studio Crafts in Peacehaven. Well we weren’t the only ones impressed. The Brighton Argus also took an interest and like buses, two articles come along at once! Foundry got in the picture but didn’t get a mention so we’re doing it for him. And he also wanted people to know that when the picture was taken the piece wasn’t finished! Skip back a couple of posts to see the completed works. We’d like to thank Phil Blackwell for the call and get in touch if you need Wet Paint Productions to organise something like this for your premises.

Snub 23 Beats The Buff

Friday, August 13th, 2010


This is the latest amazing piece by Snub23 that dominates Trafalgar Lane, Brighton, which already has Flickr alight with praise and fave stars. Wet Paint Productions were asked to organise an artist to paint this wall after a legal piece put up by Leeks during The Beautiful and the Canned weekend was mistakenly buffed by the council. The owner of the property wasn’t too happy when he found out and got onto Brighton & Hove City Council to complain. So after a call requesting our help we thought who better to ask than the Snub Meister himself. We are not alone in loving this new work – which is all freehand – and predict you will see more like this in the future.

compArtment Opens With Live Graffiti

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Brighton graffiti, street art, Snub23, Luke Da Duke, Graffiti, Wet Paint Productions

As part of the launch of compARTment at the open market in Brighton yesterday, Wet Paint Productions were asked to provide some live painting (courtesy of SNUB 23 and Mishfit: finished piece HERE) to a backdrop of musical performances and fat beats and scratch mixing. Having been asked to coordinate artists to rejuvenate the space, a steady stream of writers and street artists have been flowing through there all week transforming what was a tired space into a wall of art. Wet Paint Productions, will be continuing this programme over the next month as well as holding graffiti workshops there – more information to follow soon. Wet Paint, have already begun working with local shop owners and the wider community to revitalise urban spaces, shops and workplaces. For more information contact us on:

SNUB & Mishft at work

SNUB, Luke Da Duke and T.wat

T.WAT, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Prodcutions


Snub23, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Productions


Foundry, Brighton Graffiti, photoreal, Street art, Wet Paint Productions


Vodker, Brighton Graffiti, Street Art, Wet Paint Productions, urban art


Matt Sewell, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Productions

Matt Sewell

Brugal Street Art Campaign Begins!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

If you are anywhere near Brighton today we strongly advise you to get yourselves along to Jubilee Square. To kick off the Brugal campaign Wet Paint Productions have set up the Paint Box again – a 24ft x 8ft squared installation – for some artists to go to work on. These include Brighton’s own Pinky, Mishfit and Foundry. Don will also be there recreating this incredibly detailed piece which will feature as part of the poster campaign and can be seen at bus stops around the city from next week on. Live painting will continue tomorrow and we’ll post some images before the day is out.