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Linked Up Again

Thursday, August 18th, 2011


Last weekend marked another Wet Paint Aerosol Workshop for the kids of Brighton and Hove’s parent-run group the Link-Up Project. As we have posted before, this amazing group offers support and social activities for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Once again the incredible Snub 23 put them through their paces – teaching them can control and compostition – all overseen by our very own Projects & Community Manager Charlie Allsebrook. Despite most of the kids being new to spraypaint their efforts really impressed us and they all left with a finished canvas as a memento of the day. Above all the other projects Wet Paint get involved with this is probably one of the most rewarding, especially as the kids enjoy it so much.  But don’t take our word for it. This is what Julie Sissions of the Link-Up Project had to say: “The children all loved the workshop. It was good that the session was inclusive of all age groups and it was fantastic to see an 8 year-old as engrossed as a 17 year-old working alongside together. The artist was informative and worked well with the young people, sharing his skills and passing on confidence to those who normally find art at school difficult. We will be booking [Wet Paint Productions] again for sure.” To find out more or to book workshops contact us at:   


Link Up Graffiti

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Last Sunday saw another Wet Paint productions’ Graffiti Workshop and this time we were working with some budding young artists from the Link-Up Project .  The Brighton and Hove parent-run group  provide support and a social network for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and their parents. As part of their activities and outings they included an aerosol art afternoon schooled by Snub 23 (powered by Kobra Paint) who introduced the kids to the art of the craft. The kids loved it so much we have a sneaking suspicion they will be coming back for more. We’d like to thank all the members of Link-Up as they were great and a pleasure to work with. Especially Tom who at 15 years-old had this to say: “I feel this workshop has really enriched my knowledge of graffiti, character construction and building on a canvas.  I think we have all learnt new skills with spray paint and I’d definitely love to do it again in the near future.  All participants have really enjoyed themselves and found a way of expressing their individual artistic side with brilliant outcomes.” And of course a huge thanks to Snub 23 for being inspirational and to Wet Paint’s Community & Projects Manager Charlie Allsebrook for heading up this and all of our workshops and community work. To find out more about The Link-Up Project click the highlighted link and to enquire about Wet Paint’s workshop and community related work contact Charlie Allsebrook:

Brighton Gets an Eco Wall

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

A chance meeting at a Wet Paint party brought the Family Bottrell and Snub 23 together. Local resident Simon explained to Snub how his four-year-old daughter had enquired after the welfare of the planet once her parents had left this mortal coil and what state of affairs would their planet be in? This not only left a lump in his throat but gave Simon a great idea…promote ecological issues through a graffiti mural as part of Brighton’s Festival Fringe! Snub 23, who is powered by Kobra, rounded up some of the crew and put the plan in to action with the backing of  many of Preston Drove’s residents. The key messages that came from the younger members of the Bottrell clan were don’t drop litter, conserve water, don’t fly – go camping instead, and walk, skateboard or bike to school. Following the ecological theme, local artists joining Snub 23 were Sinna One, Pinky, Women 158 and ZeeZeeTwentyTwo, who produced this production to a delighted audience of local residents. Above are some images from the forty foot mural but click HERE to see the joiner courtesy of local photographer Big Zee. If you have an idea for a graffiti project or even need an eco wall contact Wet Paint HERE.

The Yard’s Gates Open

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Last week Brighton got it’s newest club in the shape of The Yard and after being commissioned to give the interior a serious street vibe overhaul, we thought we’d share some more pictures with you. At the top is Snub 23, the man behind all of the work, next to his image ‘Be Nice to Girls’ which now adorns one complete wall on the ground floor. Most of this floor has been given a distressed, lived-in look to mimic art on the street and we think we fulfilled the brief. At the bottom is a commissioned piece by rum producer Brugal which WPP worked with over the summer. We can now announce that there will be a rum-fueled spray paint antics coming up next month in Edinburgh, Manchester and London. We’ll update you on events soon.

The Whole Nine Yards

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Another month and another commission for Wet Paint Productions. This time around it is for Brighton’s newest club The Yard (formerly the Ocean Rooms). When the new  owners asked us to be involved we jumped at the chance and unleashed our own ‘Optical Manipulator’, the machine that is Snub 23 to take over and put the ‘street’ into the venue. Before the doors open tonight we thought we’d give you just a sneak preview of what clubbers can expect from the revamp of this three-floor hotspot about to get nightlife in the North Lanes buzzing again. We have been asked to keep the spirit alive by continually changing the interior and experience, so we’ll post more pictures tomorrow after the soft launch and updates as they occur. If you’re in the neighbourhood, get yourselves in for the artwork alone. Like the sound system it’s banging. Big ups to Snub and thanks again to The Yard team and if you need some of this in your life then get in touch.

We’ve Seen the Future…

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Due to a manic schedule (and maybe a bit of well earned laziness!) we have had what can only be described as a communications black out over the last few weeks. Well, back from travels sorting arrangements for forthcoming events which we’ll announce very soon, we thought we’d update you with a couple of posts on recent events.

Last month saw Wet Paint Productions’ Aerosol Art workshops kick off at the Open Market, Brighton, and we had a full house every time. From seven year-olds to a thirty something stag party, we found ourselves teaching the uninitiated how to spray paint and with great success. Our young apprentices especially threw themselves into the action and couldn’t wait to get their hands dirty as these pictures prove. Under the guidance of Foundry and Snub 23 we think we have helped to produce some budding little graffiti artists. We have to also thank Funky Red Dog and Limbo for their direction too.

Having already received a lot of requests for more we will update you soon with future dates.

“Graffiti can be artistic…”

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Brighton graffiti and street art got some well deserved recognition in the way of a centre double page spread in The Argus, on Saturday 14th. Talking about an art revolution in the city they go on to extoll the benefits of graffiti bettering “unloved or monochrome areas”. The article features images of work by Aroe and Heavy Artillery, Req, Rarekind, Hutch and Banksy (we dispute that) to name a few. And although we don’t get a name check, Wet Paint Productions and the artists we work with are responsible for some of it too. That includes Snub 23 and Sinna who are both quoted in the article. To view it big hit HERE.

Snub 23 Beats The Buff

Friday, August 13th, 2010


This is the latest amazing piece by Snub23 that dominates Trafalgar Lane, Brighton, which already has Flickr alight with praise and fave stars. Wet Paint Productions were asked to organise an artist to paint this wall after a legal piece put up by Leeks during The Beautiful and the Canned weekend was mistakenly buffed by the council. The owner of the property wasn’t too happy when he found out and got onto Brighton & Hove City Council to complain. So after a call requesting our help we thought who better to ask than the Snub Meister himself. We are not alone in loving this new work – which is all freehand – and predict you will see more like this in the future.

compArtment Opens With Live Graffiti

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Brighton graffiti, street art, Snub23, Luke Da Duke, Graffiti, Wet Paint Productions

As part of the launch of compARTment at the open market in Brighton yesterday, Wet Paint Productions were asked to provide some live painting (courtesy of SNUB 23 and Mishfit: finished piece HERE) to a backdrop of musical performances and fat beats and scratch mixing. Having been asked to coordinate artists to rejuvenate the space, a steady stream of writers and street artists have been flowing through there all week transforming what was a tired space into a wall of art. Wet Paint Productions, will be continuing this programme over the next month as well as holding graffiti workshops there – more information to follow soon. Wet Paint, have already begun working with local shop owners and the wider community to revitalise urban spaces, shops and workplaces. For more information contact us on:

SNUB & Mishft at work

SNUB, Luke Da Duke and T.wat

T.WAT, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Prodcutions


Snub23, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Productions


Foundry, Brighton Graffiti, photoreal, Street art, Wet Paint Productions


Vodker, Brighton Graffiti, Street Art, Wet Paint Productions, urban art


Matt Sewell, Brighton Graffiti, street art, Wet Paint Productions

Matt Sewell


Thursday, July 29th, 2010

At Wet Paint, we’re pretty much addicted to the stuff and given half a chance we’ll get our hands dirty whenever we can. So, to spice up the launch of compARTment at the Open Market in Brighton this Saturday, we asked some artists to put some work up to mark the occassion. compARTment is a collective of artists, crafts people and social entrepreneurs from the slack space movement in Brighton who are looking to revitalize large empty/disused sites in the city and they asked us to get involved. Headed up by Snub 23, artists including Foundry, Matt Sewell, T.wat and the infamous Luke da Duke (over for a rare visit) got busy and transformed the site before the grand opening and live paint session tomorrow. So if you’re in he neighbourhood we hope to see you there.

In the meantime, this is what compARTment have to say:

Damn we’re excited!
compARTment’s pilot project at the Open Market officially opens on Sat 31st July. Stalls 38 and 39 on the south side of the market. Be there!

Here’s what’s happening on this most auspicious of days:

Live music
Sweet live sounds from POG, The Death of Me and the Ukelele Research & Development Society.

Artists Market
Kicks off at 9am sharpish! The best in affordable art, jewellery and fashion that Brighton has to offer.

Zines yeah Zines!
9am onwards! Including Choose Your Own Adventure, philosophy comics, and The Bedsit Press.

Live Graffiti
It’s all beautiful and legal! Presented by Wet Paint Productions and others.

Elastic Installation by Nic Blair
Co-founding compARTment member Nic Blair will be taking over our exhibition space to create a site specific installation using up to 1km of elastic. Woah!

Snub teaser!

Nic Blair’s elastic art