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Linked Up Again

Thursday, August 18th, 2011


Last weekend marked another Wet Paint Aerosol Workshop for the kids of Brighton and Hove’s parent-run group the Link-Up Project. As we have posted before, this amazing group offers support and social activities for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Once again the incredible Snub 23 put them through their paces – teaching them can control and compostition – all overseen by our very own Projects & Community Manager Charlie Allsebrook. Despite most of the kids being new to spraypaint their efforts really impressed us and they all left with a finished canvas as a memento of the day. Above all the other projects Wet Paint get involved with this is probably one of the most rewarding, especially as the kids enjoy it so much.  But don’t take our word for it. This is what Julie Sissions of the Link-Up Project had to say: “The children all loved the workshop. It was good that the session was inclusive of all age groups and it was fantastic to see an 8 year-old as engrossed as a 17 year-old working alongside together. The artist was informative and worked well with the young people, sharing his skills and passing on confidence to those who normally find art at school difficult. We will be booking [Wet Paint Productions] again for sure.” To find out more or to book workshops contact us at:   


Monochrome Madness

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


Wet Paint Productions and Brighton played host to the mighty SheOne this weekend and got a brand new wall from the master of typography in to the bargain. SheOne is firmly routed in Brighton’s graffiti history going back to the early 80’s and along with Req, put up the first pieces on the city’s long-standing hall of fame, Black Rock. Flash forward thirty years and the London-based artist who has gained international recognition and proved that graffiti has a place in the contemporary art world, has taken his style across the globe. Recently, he and fellow Transcend collaborator O.Two, were personally invited to France by the mayor of Ville De Niort to paint a massive production on the side of the city’s Cultural Arts Centre. Last year SheOne was also one of just 100 of the world’s most celebrated writers and street artists invited to secretly paint a disused subway station in New York City as part of The Underbelly Project. Quite frankly, SheOne’s unique brand of abstract painting has led to collaborations and achievements too numerous to list here. That said, Wet paint are grateful to him for an amazing signature piece and urge you all to keep a close eye on his website for some out of sight projects looming on the horizon.

Wet Paint at The Gadget Show Live

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Wet Paint Productions were busy promoting gadget insurance company Protect Your Bubble to a sold out Gadget Show Live, this weekend. Spread throughout 5 halls of the NEC Birmingham, the Channel 5 show’s live event is billed as the UK’s ultimate consumer electronics event and they are not wrong! So, when the client wanted to increase traffic to their stand, they asked Wet Paint to come up with an innovative way to capture visitors’ attention and imaginations. As part of Assurant Solutions which operates in the US, South Africa, Canada, China, Europe and the UK, the online firm that offers insurance for laptops to smart phones jumped at our concept of spraying screen savers on to these giant iPhones. As the only exhibitor offering experiential marketing outside of the event, Sheffield’s very own Faunagraphic and Rocket01 drew the crowds as their corporate-driven designs featuring the characters Bubble and Squeak went up. One of these designs could well be winging its way to corporate headquarters in Atlanta, USA,  before long and we’ll post a picture of the art in situ. Again, our thanks to the artists for their designs and hard work. Any companies looking to boost their presence at exhibitions can contact Wet Paint Productions at:

Bringing It Home

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The Crew…




The Art




At Wet Paint we’re feeling pretty smug right now. Having completed four cities for the Brugal Rum campaign, we are winding down for the year but not before we iced the cake. This weekend saw us at Covent Garden with Don, Jeba and Ventza painting live and T-pimping in Navajo Joe and Roadhouse (where Snub 23 put up a specially commissioned piece) . Any one with a handle on the history of UK graffiti will know that Covent Garden was a mecca for the scene in the early 80’s, providing the writers’ bench where many of the old school heads met up until 87 or so. The hoardings that used to surround the Royal Opera House carried some of the earliest burners this country saw from legends like Artful Dodger, Bando, Mode 2 and Scribla (the Trail Blazers), Pride and Zacki Dee, who went on to form legendary writing crew The Chrome Angelz. We are still amazed that Westminster Council let us get away with it and they have told us in no uncertain terms that it will not be happening again. So, although this wasn’t Freestyle 85, Wet Paint Productions have provided a book end to the saga. As ever, we need to thank the artists for getting up in the arctic conditions. Massive respect to Don (who plays host to another legend – Duster – this weekend), Ventza and Jeba. Despite the cold you brought the fire! For more photos hit HERE.

Forget the dram…embrace the can!

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Anyone who follows WetpaintUK on twitter (and were up early enough) may have noted that we were on our way to the airport at silly o’clock this morning. The reason: The launch of Brugal rum in Edinburgh and Manchester. Two destinations, two great cities and nine amazing artists all in one weekend. First up, Edinburgh. If you live in the city and passed the castle today you would have noticed Syrkus, Rekor, Lyken, Conzo and Vues’ take on the Caribbean’s favourite rum as they went to work on the PaintBox in Castle Street. The weather held, the work went up and we may have even converted a few whisky drinkers to boot. These are just a few shots from today’s activities from live graff to T-shirt pimping at the Candy Bar. Tomorrow we’ll post the complete pieces before we hit Hawke and Hunter for live painting and more tee pimping for the discerning punter. See you there. Salud!

Pimpin’ Aint Easy…

Monday, October 11th, 2010


It’s that time again! Crack open the Brugal rum and grab your tees ’cause the Wet Paint T-shirt pimps are back! This time it was the turn of Manchester’s Faunagraphic (pictured on her way up to Scotland last Friday) to get the bottle rolling in Edinburgh before this weekend’s Brugal launch in Auld Reekie. Fauna rocked the Candy Bar in George Street and all of you wanting to see live graffiti and street art should be in Castle Street this Friday and Saturday (15th & 16th October) to see Scotland’s finest in action. We’ll update you on all of this weekend’s action tomorrow!

The Beautiful and The Canned Rocks Brighton!

Monday, May 10th, 2010

What a weekend! TB&TC 2010 hit Brighton in a big way this weekend and we’ll be posting more photos as soon as scaffolding comes down and we catch our breath.

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

As Wet Paint Productions were out with the rollers today, Graff-City were busy delivering out paint order. The fact that we can’t now move for full boxes of Montana and Kobra tins in TB&TC HQ makes us happy. We’ve already tested the Kobra paint and it looks great. It could even be the new kid on the block! We have to say that organizing this amount of compressed colour for this many artists is never easy but our friends at GC made it so. Thanks guys and sorry you can’t be with us this weekend. We hope you can make the next one.

The TB&TC Map

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

This is your map for the TB&TC weekend running 8/9 May and shows where all the paint sites are located and where the central installation and shop can be found. All roads lead to Brighton. Be there for some major work from amazing artists going big! Some as high as 10m and above on a cherry pickers and scaffold!!

Art Attack

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

At TB&TC HQ we’ve been receiving artists work for the last few days now and this cross section doesn’t even scratch the surface but we thought we’d give you a heads up anyway. We will have a lot of original work on sale at the TB&TC shop at Myhotel over the weekend of 8/9 May. The prices are as varied as the artist list. Hope to see you there.


Dan Kitchener

Julian Kimmings


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